We’re all looking to save an extra buck here and there.  When upgrading your home, sometimes saving is very easy to do, but often times it’s not, especially if we’re dealing in areas that we’re not so familiar with, such as landscaping or plumbing.

Frugal Fancy was created to to share helpful tips on little ways that you can save money when maintaining or upgrading your home.  Whether you’re cleaning your carpets, redesigning your patio, or creating a beautiful new garden, we have tips to help you spend less on your DIY projects and ways to find high quality contractors.

Thanks for visiting our website. We look forward to providing you as much helpful advice as possible when deciding to make your financial and personal decisions. Growing up, many of us were introduced to frugal lifestyle habits, whether it has to do with choosing the best coupons to use when going to the grocery store, to deciding if you want to buy a bulk item or just an individual product.

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