For centuries, granite has epitomized strength and durability. The very word, granite, is used to signify something that is next to permanent and solid. Those traits have made it the material of choice for a growing number of property owners for use as countertops in the kitchen and bathroom.

Granite countertops are not simply strong and able to stand up to daily use. They also are available in a vast array of colors and styles to match any decor and provide a touch of luxury and organic beauty.

Each piece of granite is unique, due to the natural processes that created it, to the location where it was mined. It will come with its own veining, coloration, and pattern, which makes each granite fabrication a truly one-of-a-kind artistic creation. Still, granite mined in the same location will share similar traits so they can be matched for continuity.

granite mining

Granite stone is formed when magma deep within the earth cools. It is mined across the world, with excellent samples coming from such locations as China, Brazil, Finland, Norway, and India. A granite contractor will be able to provide a wide variety of choices for your perusal.

Granite countertops have been considered high-end additions for the kitchens of the well-to-do. However, its growth in popularity continues to make it more affordable to all. It also is seen as a good investment because of the luxury it adds and because its durability will mean it will not need to be replaced. Granite is hard to scratch, and its polished surface is perfect for baking needs. It also can stand up to high temperatures without discoloring, burning, or cracking.

Other types of stone also are marketed for use as countertops, but each has its own limitations that would make it less appealing than granite. For example, slate often is touted for its beauty, but it is expensive, going for a price of up to $200 per square foot. Mid-range granite can be had for $100 to $150 a square foot. Slate also requires buffing with steel wool to remove scratches that can occur with regularity.

Slate and soapstone, another countertop option, do not come in nearly as many colors as granite. Soapstone also is porous, so it requires sealing with mineral oil to limit staining. Since slate has a matte finish, it must be rubbed with lemon oil to achieve a wet looking shine.


When you find a reliable granite contractor, they likely will show you the range of colors and patterns available. Colors range from mottled white to stunning blues, deep reds and blacks, and browns of variegated hues. Granite also can be cut into long slabs, which will add the benefit of limiting seams.

In addition to being able to withstand hard use by children and accidents in the cooking process, granite stone also is easy to clean and resistant to bacteria. A daily cleanup using only a mild soap, a soft sponge, and water is all that is required to keep most granite countertops looking like new. Sealants also can be applied that will prevent the absorption of liquids and subsequent staining.

Given granite’s many positive benefits in durability and ease of maintenance, it easily is the best of materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Add to that the value it brings with its style and natural beauty, and granite makes for a solid investment in your home’s overall appeal. If you are in Northern Virginia and are currently looking for the areas finest supplier and installer then give the folks at Granite Source NOVA a call Today!