It’s no surprise that cars are as expensive as they are. We use them every day to get us to and from work, take our children to school, shelter us from the elements, and protect us from potentially life-threatening accidents. We want our cars to be high-quality machines, and maintaining a superior level of performance unfortunately involves routine repairs and service. But when necessary repairs and maintenance become too frequent, it can take a major toll on our bank accounts. To avoid preventable auto repairs that will set you back financially, consider these simple tips. When you’re still driving that sedan or sports utility vehicle 15 years from now, you’ll be glad that you did.

mechanic changing a car wheel.Routine Maintenance and Preventive Care

The owner’s manual for your car should also include a maintenance schedule. This schedule will help you to stay on track with necessary maintenance. Taking preventive measures will ensure fewer costly repairs and potential safety hazards in the future.

Get Problems Checked Out and Repaired Immediately

If your car is making a weird noise, or is handling abnormally, get the problem checked out immediately rather than putting it off. Some odd noises or handling issues may be normal, but it’s best to get the problem checked out by a mechanic to be sure that it’s nothing serious. And if it is a serious problem, get it repaired immediately. Driving your vehicle with any broken parts or mechanical issues will simply make matters worse, and lead to more expensive repairs.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

Keep your tires properly inflated, according to your car’s specific tire pressure. Your car’s tire pressure is typically indicated in psi units in the inside of the driver’s or driver’s side rear door. Too little air or too much air can cause excessive wear on your tires or cause a dangerous blowout. A full set of tires is an expensive purchase, so you want to make sure that you’re getting the most life and use out of your tires before you need to replace them.

Find a Reputable Auto Repair Company

A reputable auto repair shop isn’t always easy to find. Be sure to do your research, looking into reviews and any recommendations from your friends and families. Be aware that cheaply priced products and services can a lot of times mean cheap quality that will simply have to be replaced or re-serviced in a short period of time. Your best bet is to find a mechanic who you can trust with your car, and won’t try to scam you. Aarrow Transmissions for example offers trustworthy full service auto repair performed by certified and trained technicians. Before getting your car serviced, you should also do research into average costs and possible causes of the issue.

Often, expensive repairs can’t be avoided. However, proper maintenance and routine servicing of your vehicle will help to reduce the risk of major problems in the future, an reduce the potential damage to your wallet.