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Granite is a material that signifies prestige, luxury, and fine taste. This igneous rock has been used for building for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations realized early how valuable it truly is given its intrinsic properties. The advent of modern materials has not diminished its luster as it remains one of the most popular choices for both interiors and exteriors around many Northern Virginia homes.

The good news is that it is now more affordable than ever with great companies like Granite Source. In the past, it was only a select few who could pay for the prized material. Its usage was usually limited to lavish buildings. Improvements in mining and processing have resulted in lower prices such that homeowners such as yourself can now use granite for various applications. Below are some ideas for your consideration.


  1. Countertops and Other Kitchen Applications

The most common use of this material today remains firmly in the kitchen. Granite countertops are more appealing than other choices because its properties are well-suited to the environment. Counter surfaces get a lot of abuse including high heat, ubiquitous moisture, random spills, repeated impacts, and sharp edges. Inferior materials will look old fast in the face of this barrage. Meanwhile, granites will simply shrug them off given their impressive strength, impenetrability, and resilience. They are so apt for kitchens that they have found their way to backsplashes, dining tables, islands, and the like.


  1. High Class Bathrooms with Character

Of course, there is no reason to confine granite to one area when others can benefit from it as well. Take bathrooms, for instance. These tiny spaces share lots of similarities with kitchens in terms of features and environmental conditions. They both deal with a massive amount of moisture that demands resistant materials. Sinks made of the polished rock is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Tiles made from it can be used as flooring or as wall covering around bathtubs. They not only repel water but also provide a beautiful natural look to the space.


  1. Stunning Fireplaces and Living Room Décor

Fireplaces have a tendency to dominate the interiors wherever they may be. Most of the time, they are placed in the living room to give people a communal place to huddle around a fire during the winter. Using granite tiles around the fireplace provides just the right accent to make it come alive. A solid slab may also be carved into a mantle or hearth. Watch the fire dance and crackle against the gorgeous stone. While it is possible to use different materials for this purpose, nothing comes close to the effect made possible by the stone. Match it with select granite décor for the room.


  1. Exterior Finishes that Keep the Elements at Bay

The superb water and heat resistance of granite make it an excellent match for many outdoor applications. For example, the ground surrounding an outdoor hot tub may be covered with stone tiles. It would be better to utilize the unpolished version for greater traction and prevent slippage. Another strategy is to install small tiles as the grooves between them will provide the necessary friction to avoid accidents. If designed and executed well, then the result is bound to make a lasting impression on visitors.


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Installing Custom Granite Countertops

If you have your heart set on a granite countertop, then pick a good installer to do the job. It is an arduous process but experienced professionals are able to complete it quickly with remarkable results. Here is how the whole thing works from start to finish.

First, you choose the exact type of stone you want from the available options at your fabricator’s showroom. Consider the color, quality, appearance, and price before making a definite selection. The estimates will be calculated based on the dimensions required and presented for your approval. Next, find a sink to match so that the cutout portion can be planned ahead. The layout of the faucet must be set in advance as well because the fabricator may have to drill holes for the fixtures.

The edge profile of the solid slab also needs to be determined. If you want the countertop to come with a corresponding backsplash, then specify your preference. Once all of the information has been gathered, then the fabricator will create a mockup with wood to see how it all fits on the actual kitchen. Adjustments will be made as required. The final template will be used in the actual granite fabrication. The fabricator will carefully install this countertop in your kitchen. You’ll have a magnificent piece that will last for as long as the house is standing.