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Starting a daycare, preschool, or other child care facility in Crosscreek FL involves a lot more than gathering toys and planning fun activities for the children. Before you can actually hang a sign out stating that a daycare center is open for business, you will also need to address some very important logistical and administrative tasks.

If your Crosscreek child care facility is to be successful from the start, a solid foundation must be created through training and documentation according to legal guidelines and regulations. Doing so will reduce the risk of problems getting the doors open or keeping them open in the future.


Here are some important considerations that will help ensure that everything is in order before the first child arrives.


  1. Create a business plan to help direct all the decisions made for the daycare or preschool. If you have no experience creating a business plan, your local college or university, small business administration, or even another daycare center can help understand what goes into the planning.


  1. Decide how large or small the facility should be. Some individuals use their own home as the base of operations, but others rent commercial spaces. The maximum number of kids for which you wish to care can help with determining this.


  1. Research your state’s regulations for daycare accreditation and licensure concerning the size of your preschool and address the requirements as you go about preparing your daycare center.


  1. Determine from where the children cared for in your child care facility will come. What ages will you accept? Decide whether you want to target the employees of a particular employer or special needs children. By specializing in this way without excluding children from other area, you will ensure service to your community.


  1. Find out what the going rates are in your area and set yours competitively. Also, set your own payment policies.


  1. Cover every aspect of your preschool or daycare center as you create your policies and procedures manual and use it to guide how you run the facility.


  1. While commercially run centers require trained teachers, assistants and a director, you may not need any of these if you intend to run yours out of your home. Decide if you need to hire help or can do it yourself.


  1. Create an appealing space for the kids by bringing in furnishings their size and bring bright colors in by painting walls or supplying brightly colored toys or craft materials. Make sure that your center adheres to your state’s building codes.


  1. If you hire staff, get together with them to develop a daily schedule and curriculum. All activities should be age-appropriate.


  1. Create a marketing campaign for advertising your daycare services. Things like flyers you can hand out at local schools and churches or at the businesses you will be targeting is a good way to advertise. Online ads, work of mouth and other networks work well too.

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It can be a lot of hard work creating a new child care facility, but it can be very rewarding as well. Helping children develop and mature is a great way to spend your time.

It may take a little while to build your child care to the numbers you want, but after that it will be easy to maintain if you remain true to your standards.